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We safeguard your property, people & assets from fire with our robust fire safety equipments, training & Consultancy.

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Rapid Service Providers is among India's top fire protection system and service providers. We provide fire protection system installation, maintenance and consulting to the diverse range of industries, residential societies, sports arenas, leisure complexes, educational institutes, hospitals and more.

When it comes to protecting your property and your people from the potential loss by fire, you can put your trust on us.

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World-class Fire Safety Equipments

We provide fully tested, proven and certified fire & safety equipments for buildings & establishments under or post construction. Our fire & safety equipment range includes –

Why Us?

Rapid Service Providers is acknowledged as a leader in the business of fire protection system (Installation, maintenance, tarining and distribution). We work across a diverse range of industries from retail to residential, sports stadias to leisure complexes and hospitals to education institutes.

What makes us stand apart –

Decades of experience and hands-on expertize

World-class fire safety products & accessories

A strong network of skilled people and required tools

Quality, commitment and speed with perfection

Fire safety auditing, training & consulting

Branches & associates across the country

I have known Rakesh for over 5 years. He is very professional in his dealings. Time is of essence with him, as your work gets done promptly and efficiently.

His leadership qualities are evident as his staff really looks up to him with awe!"

GB Singh
(Director at 1st Academy of Security
Science Education & Training Pvt. Ltd.)

I am very pleased to write about my friend Mr. Dr. Rakesh Arya who has worked in my different building projects as Fire Fighting Contractor and Consultant.

I find an excellent Manager, Engineer, a teacher and an obedient student in him."

Amit Kakkar
(Deputy General Manager at RISL,Jaipur)
Superintendent Engineer PWD, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Our Services

Fire Protection Auditing, Consulting & Training

Rapid Service Providers advises & trains public and private sectors on all aspects of fire safety management

Fire Safety Maintenance

We provide consulting on the fire safety design of the esteblishments. We also do plan assessments of specific problems and prepare fire safety strategy reports to support the applications.

Fire Safety Training

We provide fire safety training to those with particular duties in a fire emergency. We also help with specialist technical courses for building and engineering professionals.

System Integration

We provide total turnkey solution of any upcoming new project right from designing to compliances with 3 years maintenance.

Meet Rakesh Arya

A soldier by heart, a leader like no other.

Rakesh Arya has been very passionate about safety of every human being since childhood. He founded Rapid Service Providers in 2004 to educate people about awareness of fire safety.

He believes in holding the hand of clients from educating about need of product and services till automatic after sales services. He is a fire trainer and street fire fighter as well. His vision is to make every citizen aware about safety like a soldier.

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Yes, very much rather we proactively remind, follow people for two things - due services before time and getting people trained.
We deliver the best of quality, commitment & speed at relevant prices. We don't buy & sell cheapest.
Any where in SAARC countries.
We educate people first on what they actually need and we do hand holding in after sales & training people to make the best use of people's investment in safety equipments.